24 Replies to “Adam Gilchrist and Andrew Symonds commentating (T20 Aus V NZ”

  1. If Gilly commentates that well flinging around catching Tait’s thunderbolts, imagine a contract with Ch 9.
    Roy is hilarious.

  2. This is brilliant stuff, not a big aussie fan at all but this was a lot of fun to watch and get a real up close idea of the game. As long as it doesn’t distract, they should do this more.

  3. WARNE IS A CHEAT ! Warne is an ordinary bowler and got only tailenders at the expense of McGrath. His name is Mr TAIL-ENDER,Warne took duiretics, which is a masking agent for drugs. Warne is a chucker and cheat, He got away from chucking because he is a white and racist Australia,

  4. The old saying is “If he plays for NSW, he gets the Baggy Blue and a Baggy Green in a brown paper bag”.

    Something along those lines.

  5. I could have a look, but my computer is screwed at the moment so I can’t make any vids.

  6. Thanks mate!. I was actually gonna look it up in cricinfo stats to see if gilly was right. Hey, i kno u upload gilly’s batting videos, i was wondering if you uploaded a video montage showing his keeping skills….that’d be great. thanks again

  7. definatley need to have more of this. very entertaining. hopefully they mic up a few players in the T20 against south africa.

  8. i wish they’d have at least one of these sorts of ‘fun games’ each year where it doesn’t really matter who wins or loses, and the home audience can get to hear some funny commentary from a few mic’d up players ….. adds a bit of variety to the game

  9. i enjoyed that commentary. It was insightful and entertaining.

    Clarke was skint after that game thanks to that pesky over rate.

  10. Not gonna denie that australians have been known to be racist. Im not gonna deny that every other country has had racist players as well. Calm Down.

  11. Didn’t he say “I gotta try and jam this ‘big maan'”? I definitely didn’t hear bastard, or ‘up’ as napoleondynamite has suggested. For those who’ve never heard it before, it’s not a mis-spelling… it’s like ‘man’ but pronounced ‘marn’. I’m not sure where it comes from, but it’s kinda a sarcastic compliment, a joke about how strong or tough someone might be.

    It’s the sort of thing Roy might say as well.

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