22 Replies to “adam gilchrist farewell”

  1. so it went from cheers for gilchrist, to boos for punter. the fans never lie!

  2. 27 when he made his debut, imagine how good his record could have been if he replaced Healy earlier.

  3. acually start of his career he stood his ground, only after the Sri Lanka WC game he started walking.

  4. sad to see that great players like sachin and harbhajan didn’t even clapped for him…………….this i am saying despite being an indian

  5. listen to the cheers when his name was called truly awesome……………

  6. Gilly im from Pakistan and i just wanna say that we all love u more then any one in the world!!! U r great player and more then any thing a great human!

  7. best spirited person and best player ever in the history……..never lost his spirit and truthness……

  8. hahah learn English huh? The fact that you can’t comprehend what I’m saying is a clear enough indication of your poor knowledge of the language:) There there pal, there there.

  9. SUIT UP is a saying from a popular TV show (How I Met Your Mother). Do your research before you banter on like a retard.

  10. correct my spelling? lol. You used “u r” in the wrong context. “u r” is internet lingo for you’re while “ur” is internet lingo for “your”… dumbass.

  11. his speech will tell us how gentleman he is!!!! most of the players when they say goodbye get too emotional and cry. he finished his speech in real quick. waiting to c how sachin will react on that occassion. but i bet nothing better than gilly.

    gilly. ur memories are always around. god bless u and ur family.

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