25 Replies to “Adam Gilchrist showing his true color”

  1. lol gilly not for money then what was he doin in IPL…gilly as for his game is a masterclass which is totally not comparable to sachin or sehwag as those two carry different qualities and skill

  2. Hey mate we always behave like gentlemen. Curious of youre race, but i doubt you will give it as we will win the argument hands down.

  3. Another proof for their genuine behaviour,,,,
    Shame 2 talk with yall,coz it’s not upto us 😀
    So good bte dear!!
    Keep on day dreaming 😀 😀 😀 😛

  4. How about fuck you victorypoof.
    The moment your team rules cricket for 20 years will be the moment you can run down the Aussie team but until then shut the fuck up pole smoker.

  5. Always respect good gesture……AG shows his calibre which is commendable. he seems less influenced by his captain ponting, the c*nt master

  6. ONCE A BLUE MOON,Aussies behave in gentleman’s way……
    What a surprise!!!! hikzzzzzzz 😀

  7. Grammar lesson 101: because “INDIANS” are shit “CUNTS” “WHO” are always trying to start “SHITS” with “AUSTRALIANS”.

  8. because india are shit cunt that are always trying to start shit with australia

  9. my friend i dont have hate for noone. as you can read in the video description .this video reply goes to that fool who doesnt respect good players.. this video was just reply. and note i only reply rude to who replied rude. thats all.

  10. were u waiting for a post by an indian 2 reply n thus pick fight… just 1 ques for u brother, how do u live with so much hatred in ur heart?…

  11. How dose a video about AUS vs SRI end up in a discussion with INDIA in it? -_-‘

  12. Sure it is right that Gilchrist is surely a fucking legend in trash talking.

  13. Gilchrist is just a destructive batsman who retired from Cricket. No longer seen in International arenas. And he is just as ordinary as anyone else. He is just a bashy(to be exact touch and go)fellow, has got no skills or no class. All he does is whack the ball hard. If he has connected the ball he will get a six, not connected means he is out. I feel that you are just a kid and suggest that grow up more to talk.

  14. hahhhahah seriously kid how old are you, did u like just start watching cricket? GILCHRIST IS FUKING LIVING LEGEND!!. Sachin have never won a single match for his country. name 1 series 1 cup 1 bloody match that tendulkar has won fo india. everytime he hit 100th. india lose the match. and since your saying hes master of the game.how come hes not winning test match against aus right now? its been over 8 month afridi comment. sachin still struglin to make 100. Nuff said

  15. Gilchrist is just ordinary and may be just ordinary as other destructive batsmen like Afridi, Pollard, Razzak, Yusuf Pathan and Watson. Legacy wont come to you by just trash talking about sachin. You must be a retard to compare an untalented quick bashy batsman with the Master of the game.

  16. Who said am jealous about Gilchrist, we do have a more destructive opening batsman in Sehwag. Then why should be jealous about Gilchrist. When it comes to the matter of fact that Gilchrist is just ordinary, and Sachin is a legend truth really hurts. you are quite right with your experiments with truth.And almost all Australlians are basically the same(including Gilchrist) when it comes to showering bad words on others, well Beven was odd though.

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