19 Replies to “Ian Bell 106* – England vs Pakistan 2nd test at Manchester 2006”

  1. what a class bat he is……..lovely to watch…..bell is not overrated…..he is a class player….people who do not understand cricket should shut up and enjoy his skills…..

  2. bell is overated. he has scored runs when he has batted at no5 or 6. when the top 4 have done the job. when the top 4 have failed and he is put under pressure he also fails. also when he has batted at no3 he has failed. hes a great batsman to watch when he is scoring but he doesnt deliver under pressure. englands best batsmen are cook and strauss in my opinion. i dont know what has happened to pietersen,he plays like he doesnt value his wicket at all

  3. Yeah, I remember one hundred apart he had pretty miserable tours of England/South Africa. Excellent player in the subcontinent, fairly good elsewhere. All will be revealed this winter when England tour the subcontinent, Bell vs Ajmal and Sangakkara vs Anderson willl be interesting…

  4. dude ever heard of sangakkara? but i’d agree that bell is one of the best

  5. Test Cricket = Real cricket; and once the blood has been spilled, it summons all the other sharks to the feast! Thus, I completely agree with your statement, mate. England have played such incredible, eye catching and jaw dropping cricket in the series so far. I will not be surprised if they take test series 4-0*, having won all three so far in fabulous style and passion of play. KP doing well, and Cooky just being flawless. And, Aussies still got punter!! 🙂 Can’t wait for last test!

  6. Yeah I  reckon England will whitewash this series, once a team is in disarray in test cricket the other side jumps all over them. England fans only have to cast their minds back to 2006 in Australia to remember that sinking feeling. Could be a rough ride for India in Australia this year too cos the Aussies don’t sink too far or stay down for too long.

  7. haha u wrote this two months ago and look how it turned out to be completely true…remember his glorious 159 a few days ago? barmyarmy is correct, england will take the test series 5-0…even though i am an india fan, i applaud the amazing cricket england has provided with broad outperforming himself and bresnan breathing a return!

  8. Bell is the finest of players; in fact I cannot recall a century of his that I did not thoroughly enjoy. He lacks the chutzpah & enterprise of KP, but is an aesthetic delight. Suffice it to say, he is a quiet achiever; like Trott he lets his on-field exploits do the talking & while I am a huge fan of KP, I believe he should bat below Bell, as the former has proven his superior technique. Thank you ever so much for the upload.

  9. Right now in terms of all round game IR Bell is the best test batsman in the world. Nobody accepts this at present but after the India series he will outperform the lot. You heard it here first!

  10. Lol. Thanks, anyways. A lot of us like to watch Ian Bell bat just because of how easy on the eye his movements look. Of course, that is a subjective assessment.

  11. Joy to watch. Not far from the Laxman class in terms of purity of timing/ease of strokeplay.

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