24 Replies to “New Zealand vs Australia 2nd T20 28 feb 2010 pt1/7 Highlights”

  1. Oh yeah the underarm incident was REAL funny bro! I got the joke don’t worry.

  2. Ingram is one of the alltime most embarrassing selections. Incompetent. The public knew it . . . why didn’t the selectors?

  3. I remember watching the Super Over at home, this is my choice of the best World Twenty20 game! Congrats to McCullum! Cant wait for the Pakistan T20’s.

  4. it’s a rugby park temporarily transformed into a cricket ground lol a new zealand speciality, wish we had some purpose-made cricket ground’s

  5. hahahaha yeah true. have you seen Pineapple Express? Man, I love that movie!

  6. What about the NZ v AUS ODI on the same ground, 650 odd runs in total, close as it can get run chase.

  7. Fucking filthy australians, look at shaun tait, what an ignorant prick… Look what he does after peter ingram get dismissed, NICE SPORTSMANSHIP. Absolutelty filthy, The thing i find funny, is shaun tait looks like he’s implying the sort of “your next” routine, Yeah Great one shaun. Come back to chch aye? TAIT IS A WANKERRR. Auckland – keep that chant up.


  8. you think we suck huh?? well we just bet aussy again in the odi. so beating the worlds number 1 team means we suck well ok then.

  9. It’s a rugby ground really which makes it smaller. All NZ grounds are that size. In Dunedin, one of the few specialist cricket grounds is even smaller!

  10. thats what every body wants but just watching his innings makes it kinda boring.seriously.
    i watched his knock in the first ever ipl opener`s highlights and it was boring.

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