5 Replies to “Shane Warne – ESPN Legends Of Cricket No. 4 (Part 2)”

  1. The Alex Brown twat is an annoying prick. His accent is so thick I can barely understand what he’s saying, to make it worse he’s talking inside of his mouth.

  2. @handsandheels I respect Murali as a person. He has been a thorough gentleman all throughout his career. But I simply can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that he doesn’t even qualify as a cricketer to a lot of fans and cricket experts, he’s more of a shot putter or a javelin thrower. Warne >> Daylight >> X, Y, Z.

  3. @handsandheels Now this is a good comment. You are capable of it! MURALI IS OVERRATED!

  4. He isn’t even in ESPN’s Top 50 list, let alone top 25 greatest cricketers of all time.

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