25 Replies to “Wasim Akram bowls Adam Gilchrist 99 World Cup”

  1. yeah that i agree with u.. u should have said this way earlier, , wasim akram can b produced again because pakistan talent to produce wasim and waqar again but yes ppoor management ruining the cricket in pak.

  2. thats what i am trying to say there poor management system corrupt board ego problems lack of discipline is real problem not talent or batting line up

  3. u see similar kind of things happening to indian team in recent eng tour and due to inexperience they are getting thrashed same things being happend to pakistan over the years we are unable to prepare a consistent team where all the great player play together .

  4. consistency is something which matter the most their are countless matches where top order has collapsed under 50 runs. so fr we are unable to find a stable opening partnership. if india is winning because they have a winning combination u see all of the batting line is same start from tendulkar to raina they are part of the team every time this makes a winning combination. things are not same for pakistan different team in different tournaments lol.!

  5. i am talking about century not 60s 50s with akmal brothers mishabul haq nothing is wrong and why u drop shoaib malik he scored 4 century against india match winnerhow can one forget mohammed yousaf he is match winner 15 centuries in odi i remember all his classy innings more than sehwag and yuvraj so i think….pakistan batting is not a problem at all its their poor cricket management changing captains and coaches that bring their downfall

  6. t20 is not the only format what about tests and odi? and such innings have being played by different batsman over the time, see the example of inzi in 92 wc semi final against nz.! how u cant see problems in pak batting? lol.! their is hardly any great batsman in pak top 5 batsman so u can analyze how can we win matches with such ordinary batting? bowling is still good just if we improve our batting.

  7. i donot see anything wrong in pakistan batting with afridi and razzak at batting 7 8 position in 20s i remember no..of innings play by razzak in 20s where at no.7 spot he single handed won matches specially recently against southafrica in abu dhabi 109 not not i never see any that time of century in 90s by any team in the world ..if u remember any time of inning in 90s tell me ???????

  8. NO dude, inida is dominating just because of her good batting and pakistan poor batting.. pakistan is unable to stabilize its batting line up, confidence in batting has been lost thats why india is dominating because of super batsman like sehwaq tendulkar, dravid and many other, pakistan has nt able to produce a big name in batting in last 7-8 years thats why we are failed in cricket..! in 90’s if we were dominating then it was not only because of bowling but batting as well

  9. not sir i see all of them they r brilliant special gul and asif but none can touch the invinciblity of wasim he generates fear in the minds of batsmen look how pakistan dominates india in 80s and 90s after 2003 worldcup look india dominate pakistan starting from winning test and odi series in pakistan 2004

  10. bowling is in the blood of pakistani dspite of so many issues we have been producing great bpwler example amir, asif, wahab riaz umer gul.! although amir and asif are no more but it dsnt mean great bowlers will never emerge again from this land of pure! inshallah world will see pakistan being rise !

  11. pakistan should have won this wc, it was the best pakistani team ever, :( sad we lost .!

  12. Dude shut up, Im saying how great the pakistan cricket team was in 1999 if not the best, not the bullshit rivalry you keep going on about,

  13. Dude shut up, Im saying how great the pakistan cricket team was in 1999 if not the best, not the bullshit rivalry you keep going on about,

  14. i am from india as an indian we love cricket ….world cricket wil never produced a fierce fast bowler of the 20 century ..no doubtedly the greastest bowler of all time with so much going on pakistan cricket we will never see another wasim akram


  16. although i do agree that wasim akram is greater player than gilchrist but ask wasim who was the most dangerous batsman he ever bowled to and he answered gilchrist and it is said by wasim himself .so your second sentence should vice versa .

  17. 1999 Pakistan had the best bowling attack.
    Akram, Younis, Akhtar, Mustaq, Razzaq deadly combination

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