20 Replies to “Post-Match Analysis – 3rd T20I – South Africa vs India – 24th February, 2018”

  1. भाई ये इंडियन चैनल है या इंग्लैंड अमेरिका का लगता है ये सो इंग्लिशतानीयो के लिए बनाया गया है

  2. Happy moments for us.
    Still am sad about that first test. We could have won that easily..

  3. If ajinkya rahane had played first 2 test match we would hav won test series too

  4. If there is any fast bowling all-rounder in the team, it's Bhuvi, not Pandya!!

  5. Any day india is a far better team than South Africa beating them in their own back yard , South Africa totally ruled out of World Cup , shamsi and Morris is a disaster

  6. I come here after every match to watch 'moments of the day' even after watching every ball in real time:P
    And ohhh buoy.. What a delightful tour of cricket it has been! As a cricket fan, you crave for these kind of test matches.

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