Michael Clarke denies any Support to Media Reports about Kohli

Michael Clarke denies that the articles coming out in the Australian press of late reflect the opinion of the entire Australian population about Virat Kohli.

As per Clarke, there is no hatred for Virat in Australia at all and he is well respected in the country and he gets that respect from the Aussie players as well. All those who have played and are playing against him have high regards for him.

Clarke feels that Virat is actually pretty much like an Aussie. If someone says something to him, he gives it back and he is never afraid of a challenge coming towards him.

Clarke also doesn’t think that there is a witch hunt going against Virat in Australia. As per Clarke, things shouldn’t be generalised because the whole Australian press is not slamming Virat. It’s only a couple of people who are doing so.

Clarke is sure Virat would not be paying any attention to those journalists and neither would be the Australian squad because they also wouldn’t want to be distracted ahead of the decider.

In the opinion of Clarke, the series has reached a stage where exhaustion of the bowlers is a massive factor now as they have been used a lot, almost as a machine especially the spinners and the rest period between the 3rd and the 4th test has also not been that big.

So toss would perhaps be the most important event in Dharamsala because none of the two teams would like to be bowling first as their bowlers would then have to toil hard in the unhelpful conditions again and they might end up putting on a lose performance.

On the other hand, if the bowlers come into play late on the 2nd day, they would have a little bit of extra rest by then and that would help them perform better.