Mickey Arthur believes that it won’t take so much more time now before the Australian Cricket team rebounds from their Test Cricket crisis.

The last time the Aussies hit rock bottom, Arthur had been in charge as the coach, where they went down 4-0 in 2013 to India, with the homework-gate saga that followed and the lack of discipline that pervaded over the team as of that period.

These factors accompanied by the Champions Trophy game in England, ensured that Arthur’s time as the national coach of the Australian team, came to a premature end. With Arthur not taking it lying down, he instituted legal action against his employers, Cricket Australia, which in the end, led to a private settlement between both parties.

Arthur has however come out to speak about the situation of the Australian team, where they lost Five Tests in a row, and dropped so many players after the Hobart Test, a situation which he attributed to being a natural part of cricket in the international scene.

“Every team has got a cycle so it happens to every team,” he said.

“They’ll be fine, they’re a good cricket team and it’s a great cricket country.

“It’s an exciting time for Australian cricket. We’ve seen a lot of the younger players coming through the system.”

However, Arthur does not believe it would be an easy task for them to win a Test in Australia. He is of the notion that his job of securing a win might be hard considering the criticism made on the team recently.

And as no team from the sub-continent, not even Pakistan, has ever won a series in the country, it would seem an even harder task.

“They’ll be as hungry as ever. We’re going to have to play exceptionally well.” He concluded.