20 Replies to “7 Jan: Andrew Hilditch press conference”

  1. I have never seen so many glum antipodeans as in the last week.Keep it up.;)

  2. they are starting to dilute the players and they have no idea what is going on either. it’s time to get rid of this panel. but than again i highly doubt they will

  3. Bcos it’s T20, selectors dnt give a shit abt T20 cricket in aus. So they select many new faces most of the time.

  4. “Brad is still our number one keeper bastman in all forms” .. so why wasnt he selected? All this stuff about giving Tim Paine leadership and blah blah blah is rubbish! Australia are down a “losing streak” so I say get your BEST men .. not a time for trying people out .. gee :/

  5. a man in TOTAL DENIAL Hilditch :”we’ve done a very good job” = Australia loses Ashes again.3 innings defeat. biggest 1st innings score at SCG.he says “I will do this, I will do that” forget about what he does.where’s his boss saying YOUR FIRED? this guy is a threat to Cricket Australia’s bottom line. Who’s going to pay money to see the rubbish that is served up by the current Aussie team?? with the current GFC I don’t think people are going to waste money on a product manufactured by this clown

  6. Wait a min. They haven’t picked Brad Haddin? ROFL him and Hussey were the only decent batsmen you had.

  7. hilditch was never an outstanding cricketer in his own right. Why he has kept this position for As long as he has.. its beyond me. Another few yrs guiding a sinking ship?- bah!!

  8. A guy in denial and insanely dillusional. He has simply been asleep at the wheel for too long. His acumen as a selector is only now being spotlighted. He has lived in the shadow of previous great squads. His job was to build a pipeline in those good times. Now in these dark days he isn’t man enough to admit he is accountable. A bloke simply trying to defend his job and lacking in true leadership.

  9. what the hell is this retard hilditch doing!! he’s been changing the squad every match he’s gonna even give away the world cup from us!!!!

    sack ponting and hilditch
    thumbs up if u agree

  10. I think you guys are being a bit harsh on Hilditch. As far as I’m concerned he is a brilliant selector. A mastermind if you will.

    Yours truly,

    Every England fan

  11. so delusional this man he is the definition of idiot.

    8 spinners since warne why isnt hauritz playing he has experience cool head averages 4 wickets a game in test whereas beer has no experience has a shocking bowling average along with doherty it just doesnt make sense.
    Also playing Steve Smith in losing sides is going to dent his confiende and atm is not in Australias best 10 batsmen and doesnt bowl so he is a waste of selection and we cant carry players along with out of form players

  12. SACK HILDITCH. like this if u agree.

    he’s gonna mess up our world cup squad as well 🙁 bloddy hell

  13. this guys is a wanker. he cost us the ashes. he says nathan hauritz is australia’s no1 spinner and then two weeks later they drop him n pick doherty who’s shit. then they pluck michael beer who wouldnt get a game in my 3rd grade team. marcus north should have been dropped 18 months ago and they should have had khawaja/ferguson ready. they fucked ponting’s form over by making him rest, he came in with good form against world no1 india where he usually goes pretty average.sack him. ponting (c)

  14. have talent doesn’t mean he is the right choice for the team and the same goes with smith. tim paine got a big future. so you will drop him after 1 game like doherty and ferguson. you’re delusional if you think you have done a good job. your days are numbered, i hope

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