24 Replies to “ADAM GILCHRIST – 100 sixes in TEST CRICKET…….BRUTAL!!!!!”

  1. Yes i have every match Gilly played for australia. obviously a six video would be a lot of work…..

  2. Rob, do you have footage of every 6 Gilly hit in test cricket ? I would love to see a montage of that !!

  3. this was my request 2 months ago, and Rob uploaded it in half an hour, see what manners does abusive Sachin fans.

  4. @DeanWhipper I had wondered for a few years if he ever got the ball back, shame he never saw it again.

  5. Sad thing about this record, somebody nicked the ball, Gilly was upset and requested the culprit come forward

  6. I was at this match, remember sitting in the grandstand watching this. thanks for uploading!

  7. @96camer hah it seems so! The actual video is great quality, i just fucked up a setting, ive done it on heaps of videos actually, but i never realise because i dont watch my own videos!!!!!

  8. @robelinda2 you say the quality is shit, yet its still better than most of the videos on youtube

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