10 Replies to “Adam Gilchrist 103 vs Pakistan 1998”

  1. 0:27 WTF? What is wrong with that delivery to deserve a four through covers?

  2. Well yeah, that’s what I assumed until today. Thanks for the history lesson! And thanks for all the Gilly vids. Because of you, I’ve got all (I think) of Gilly’s hundreds.

    I’ve gotta repay you in some way. Maybe a small donation or something if you’re willing to accept.

  3. Only australia really played in coloured clothing back then, NZ too. SA were the next country to adopt it when they came back in 91/92. Here in Oz we didnt get any overseas one dayers until the late 90’s so most people wouldve just assumed all other countries did the same.

  4. This I did not know. I always thought the 1987 WC was like that because of some sort of tradition thing.

  5. Most countries were way behind with coloured clothing, England didnt adopt it until 1998, India not until 1999, Pakistan 1999 too.

  6. Wait it’s an ODI… That’s what happens when you comment before the end of a vid! But why in whites?

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