13 Replies to “Adam Gilchrist 149* vs Pakistan 1999/00 PART ONE”

  1. one of the best international cricket innings …there is every reason a person ask why..look the pace attack the two invincible conqueror wasim and waqar ..dominating the 90s cricket ….gilchrist murder them ..so dominating .so motivating

  2. one of the greatest cricketers ever. doubtlessly…ppl say that theyre priviledged to have seen Warne & Lara.& Sachin…..but rise of Gilly was one of most significant events in modern cricket…forever changed wicketkeeper’s perception….

  3. Felt the same way RE: Watson. Never liked him up until last year. Started to warm to him seeing as he was our only good player.

  4. Cleanest ever. From the moment I first saw this guy bat I just loved him, same with Watson- when I saw his pure technique I fell in love, too bad he’s a douche, unlike Gilly!

  5. Pretty hard to get hitting crisper and cleaner than that. Sounded so good.

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