24 Replies to “Adam Gilchrist 2nd fastest test century”

  1. hey mate have you actually watched the match? that was back when the boundaries were decent sized. if yo havent paid attention they were not like they are now back then. dumbfuck

  2. i think the best shot by far is the one he plays off matthew hoggard at 2:44. Pure timing and technique

  3. astle was awesome, like reallyr eally good but i dont reckon youd put him in the same category as gilly

  4. this was a maviless batting performance. but of cause the fastest 200 goes ti the good old kiwiz in the form of nathen astle. a legend in his own right. but i noy trying to take away the brilliance of this man.

  5. if i was matt hoggard i would have let him score it. he is jus a typical pommy fuck wit

  6. think he scored like 10 of his 100 6’s in test cricket in this innings? how many did he score anyways? not the point though, great batsman, great wikkie, fucken legend.

  7. Actually, it is harder in test cricket.

    Physically it’s more demanding because the match lasts five days. This takes a large toll on wicketkeepers. Also, far fewer fielding restrictions apply, and the bowler can bowl more bouncers or wide ones. Being a test, England were able to bowl their strike bowlers for unlimited overs. Also remember that The WACA is the largest in the world. ‘just came in to bat in ODI mode’ ? what is ODI mode? he still had to put on a clinic to bat that way. Not Easy.

  8. Can Gilchrist hit just a ordinary boring stroke?? From my 20 years of watching cricket..I think Gilchrist is the total Opposite to Mark Taylor..who used to block, block,block, single,block,block,4,block and take 300 balls to score a century.

  9. Has anyone else noticed, that when ever gilly puts that little black squash ball in his glove he hits at least 2’s and 3 4’s except for that one 20-20 match

  10. I have never seen a better hitter in the game. Sure there is bigger hitters in the game..but they are more down to brute force and strength. Gilchrist is skinny..his big hits are from just pure timing and technique!!!

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