25 Replies to “Adam Gilchrist – 2nd fastest test century”

  1. I badly miss this guy. He was a very sharp player and the most intelligent batsman. None of the batsmen will be like him.

  2. I made a video about Adam Gilchrist for a school project, and i decided to upload it to youtube.
    It would be greatly appreciated if you took a couple of minutes out of your day and check it out?
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Adam Gilchrist had revolutionized the test wicket-keeper from not only a keeper, but one who can make decent runs

  4. I’m from India and I love Gilly. My fav cricketer. And I think he looks like young Bryan Adams…

  5. Oh dear, Panesar, what awful bowling.
    Credit to Gilly though, he is a Fucking Legend.

  6. Jesus Christ that pissed me off the way Hoggard balled the wide….cowardly :@

  7. i remember being at the waca that day and watching gilly go crazy! best innings i have seen and an absolute privilage to be there 🙂

  8. @magnetictheory

    gilly’s mindset: “just hit the god darn ball”

    –the truth 🙂

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