13 Replies to “Adam Gilchrist 81 Debut vs Pakistan 1999”

  1. I totally agree Gilchrist making his debut at 27 was ridiculous wouldn’t happen these days with the new selection panel and set up

  2. Should have debuted a lot earlier… Healy should have done everyone a favour and retired 2-3 years earlier than he did… but he held on until he was dropped.

  3. His debut inn against top quality bowling attack. i love d way how he plays the pull or hook against shoaib

  4. then im afraid your making a stupid bet and will lose. And the truth is that akther has shit for brains….. all he has is speed. thts it

  5. I think shoaib Akhtar is the worstt bowler ever… He might be fast but hes got shit for brains

  6. This is a useless Pakistan team. Wasim Akram must be the worst medium-pace bowler ever. FAIL!

    Long live Gilly!

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