10 Replies to “Adam Gilchrist cricket tip: use a squash ball”

  1. Awesome character, though in this interview he looks like something from ‘Lord of the Rings’.

  2. 1.16 I know he says trialled but it sounds like trolled. I much prefer the idea of Gilly trolling England with a squash ball.

  3. @TinTin7777777 “Squash ball inside the glove doubles the distance where ball travels.” Go to school & study Physics. Or better, why don’t you try hitting the ball with that technique?

    And for your info, Gilchrist’s one of the most honest players of his generation. He is one of the few players who walk when they are out, even if the umpire doesn’t say so.

  4. @sridharakella1995 ya.. so obviously he finally got used to the squash ball and clicked big time in the finals

    I ma get me them squash balls 

  5. @TinTin7777777 You’re really full of shit mate! Gilly used the squash ball throughout the whole tournament, and didn’t score much. But his passion, made him do that on the final.

  6. @therockfan678 it is cheating the game…whether it is legal or not..any extra tech suppport you use against the game is not 100% your effort…that gave him extra advantge of not feeling the strain of hard hitting that you normally do which tests your staying power….becuase of the squash ball’s added comfort he could do what he did…without slowing down his speed or power. He had time to get used to it by the time he played the final..sport is about playing fare, not winning at any cost..

  7. @TinTin7777777 Rubbish. Gilly is one of the few ture sportsmen of the modern era. And I’m not an Aussie.

  8. Bob Mueleman hahah, he sold me my last cricket bat the gray nicolls Kaboom! great cricketing shop and great guy

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