25 Replies to “Adam Gilchrist’s Final ODI at the MCG – 83 from 50 balls”

  1. man im an indian and im so glad people like him, hayden and symonds are not playing anymore!! australia was unstoppable!!!! thank god their era is over!! i think the english era is slow starting!! specially in tests

  2. hmmm……..mate…..you should also look into asian crowd as well when teams like india, pakistan, sri lanka….the crowd is very very good. they support every player for their country. REALLY FANTASTIC.

  3. Yeah about 22,000. Was a working day however. I’m proud to say that I was one of the people there. 🙂

    It’s funny how in Australia this is considered a poor crowd yet in somewhere say NZ or South Africa this type of crowd would be amazing.

  4. the match is played in australia. a legendary player is playing his last match. but, look at the crowd turn out!! very poor!!

  5. What do you mean kept dropping Gilly still had it. He scored the Fastest 100 in 20/20 and 83 off 50 is a great performance

  6. Amazing shot. Any other ground and it would’ve been either out the ground or 10 rows back.

  7. I think everyone can admit that his final test hurrah was when he scored 100 in Perth in 2006…His last good ODI performance from what I remeber was the 2007 World Cup Final. His career was slowly degenerating though…his batting average just kept dropping!

  8. It’s Star Sports in India mate. I downloaded the video and then upped it here.

  9. 83 off 50 with a proper classic cricket shots… No slogging, unbelievable……imagine if somehow the catch was dropped… It would have been savage gilchrist destruction… Well 83 off 50 is destruction actually

  10. Lol the intro of the batsmen are hilarious, gotta see their expressions while they talk.

  11. this is the problem for australia, i am australian and once the australian openers make a partnership over 50, once one of them goes, the top order collapses pathetically and they leave it to mitchell johnson, who i must admit is not a bad batsman himself, but shouldnt be left to make 150 – 200 runs for his team. but i must say australia are getting screwed in the ashes

  12. What a batsman and keeper.Gilchrist never retires from our heart…………..

  13. I was there, that was a great match, every day/nighter I’ve been too at the ‘G have been thrillers, and this was no exception…

  14. Thank you Gillysbiggestfan for putting this on you tube. No one in Queensland saw this innings because fucking channel 9 was too busy showing the fucking news. (The news finished on time to see Gilly get out and Australia collapse)

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