24 Replies to “Adam Gilchrist’s infamous walking incident”

  1. Oh great… a retarded paulbot. Why wouldn’t Granpa Paul just quit already and let you basement dwellers get a job for once? He’s like that annoying piece of turd who refuses to get flushed away.

  2. It got a slight nick of the bat, which is very hard to see by naked eyes but the batsman will feel the contact.

  3. Gilly is a legend.
    Cricket is my Religion, Sachin is my God, Dhoni is myShiva, Symonds is my Hanuman (monkey God) , Gilly is Bhrahma !

  4. Having just watched the underarm incident video to remind myself of Richie B’s comments this popped up to see next and have never viewed previously……
    As a Pom restored my faith in Oz sporting spirit. What a bloke AG!

  5. I think it’s fair enough when players don’t walk because sometimes you’re given out when you know you’re not and you can’t do anything then (except sometimes DRS) but to see a player walk earns them massive respect. Adam Gilchrist, what a legend.

  6. Easy for you to say…I live here and most of them think Cricket comes from baseball…”sigh”…..

  7. It is always nice to see a batsman walk especially at pro level, but the way i see it, especially in lower level cricket, you’re gonna get given plenty of horrendous decisions over a season so there’s nothing wrong with having a few go your way and capitalizing on this as a batsman is there?

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