6 Replies to “Australia Cricket team – Players Wife, Girlfriend and Family mates.avi”

  1. lol these are all bitches…In these countries marriages don`t last for more than 2,3 years..all of them may have married 5,6 times and had at least sex 20 partners ! btw they are super good in bed like sex machines at times ,lol…fucking racist dogs

  2. This video is out of date the minute it was uploaded…

    Bcoz white people change there partners like babies dipers!

  3. lol “western” spouses. half of em won’t make the age of 50 together.

    shane warne will already exceed his 50th marriage by the end of this decade

  4. if we had a clip of shane warne’s gf’s
    it would run out of youtube’s length capacity.

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