24 Replies to “Australia vs South Africa 5th ODI 2006 Greatest Cricket Match Ever Played(World Record ODI)”

  1. one of the best matches and when south africa did’nt choke and won the game classic!!!!!!!

  2. Five people who disliked this video, would surely be the relatives of Lewis :PpP

  3. God knows what happened to these kind of crowds in SA. seems like you only get crowds when india are playing or shud i dare say winning.

  4. This is the greatest match I’ve ever seen. Not a single ball missed by me. I still have next day’s newspaper cutting in my drawer. Cannot forget this till my memory loss.
    I enjoyed each and every moment of this game. Winning is all in the mind.
    Perfect approach shown by SA.
    May GOD bless and cure those depressed people with dislike comment.
    Thanks to the up loader.

  5. if there is luck you continue life. but if you have knowledge you can survives many times. thank you and count many of good night before passing good afternoon. good morning india. i am coming. okay bye from now. i have dealling of pvc pipes. and also world titles in snooker . india. best tellents ever pandia. 

  6. I saw this game live n just watched it again n iv still gt tear in my eye, don’t no y bt I love the south African n Indian team n no am nt either…

  7. this is quite possibly the greatest cricket match ever played!! definitely of our generation atleast!! 3 likes can only be from bracken for dropping a sitter, lewis for getting smashed and ponting for not not hitting the ball far enough! i remember watching it live, had me on the edge of my seat all game!!

  8. Well there is nothing really to dislike the Video unless of course you’re just another hater. Though I can’t remove dislikes but I will not tolerate hate speech so just don’t waste both of ours energies. Cheers.

  9. The 2 dislikes must be from Nathan Bracken dropping Gibbs and Mick Lewis who became the most expensive bowler in the history of ODI cricket…

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