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  1. @ ALBIONTYKE mate english sports improved massively in the last ten years. Its true australia with their a.i.s. And there lucky climate have destroyed us poms in all sports and out performed other bigger nations. But like everysports team its impossible to win all the time. If ur Australian? Then ul bounce back but long gone are the days of ” pommy bashing” because we have finally got our act together in SOME Sports!? … Its gunna get interesting?

  2. What’s happened to Australian sport? No longer any good at cricket or rugby & they even let the Pom’s beat em in the Olympics medal table. Has the nation gone soft? Something in the Ozy psycho attitude has gone array.

  3. tata1211 if i find you in real life i will literally cut open your stomach and strangle you with your intestines. I will then burn you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The world be a better place without Cricket and Animal bet racing. Sport is for everyone not for criminals deal wrong money. It’s time for a change its time to think of the future not yesterday.

  5. Did you know due to lack of attention from the general public the sports federation will cut out and take of the air for two old sports Cricket and Animal Racing like for Horse and dogs. The future is in important for the economy but also to brighten young people views on sport and jobs but when it is about Cricket and Horse racing wrong dealing bets are made and gang corruption are common issue in these two sports like for doping eventually these two will be forgotten of this world.

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  7. @tata1211
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  8. @tata1211 @tata1211
    From your name tata, I guess you are an asshole from one of the third world countries from the sub continent.
    Well talking about history, the subcontinent is a product of the british empire. The british went to the subcontinent, took all your wealth and raped your women while your men kept rubbing their ass. You guys are born slaves. Produced by the British and transported to Africa as slaves. Yes history is history. You are illegitimate children of the british.

  9. i really like the way how australia plays cricket GOOD cricket man i like it awsomee team with spirit

  10. wow tata, why must you bring peoples history into the game? or is it because your ashamed of your 2 fathers and gay brothers? Go fucking die you coksucking gay fucker

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