1. For me he is the greatest spinner. When he is bowling it is not possible to take eyes from the match.

  2. Fabulous video Rob, I remember following this partnerships, the media was gaga over Thorpe farming the strike against Warne, terrific seeing Warne bowl when he had the flipper. Can you also upload the last hour of a thrilling drawn test like Australia vs West Indies at the gabba in 1992-93 or that of a dogged partnership between Peter Kirsten and Fanie Devilliers at Adelaide in 1993-94 or when Curtley Ambrose took 8 wickets in 1990 in the west Indies vs England in the last session.

  3. now isnt that a glorious watch .. his arm much straighter and the drift .. oh the drift ..

  4. Things like these should be uploaded by Cricket Australia themselves. Any footage of leg spin is gold but to learn from it, to really suck the marrow out of it, is to upload videos like these. It just shows leg spinners that wickets don’t just pop up (usually). I’ve seen both of the wickets and never really thought much of it, mainly just good balls. To utalise the media and the era we live in, to bring spin out of the shit, Cricket Australia get off your arses and upload videos like this.

  5. Yes this was uploaded for you, I always remember the good requests, they just take a lot of time to make happen…..

  6. I love you, something like this is what I was asking for over a few months ago. Thank you for not forgetting my request. Brilliant.

  7. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you heaps Rob, I just found out you posted this. Awesome stuff.

  8. i requested for ball by ball warnie stuff twice before.i donno whether u uploaded it as a response 2 my request or not.anyways thnxx for d upload rob.

  9. There was an over Lee bowled against NZ last they were here and He bowl like 5 angling across a left hander before jagging in the last one getting him LBW

  10. Kudos to Taylor for the Thorpe wicket. I don’t know what he said but the wait seemed to work. Great video Rob.

  11. Excellent upload!
    Any chance of a ball by ball of Brett Lee cant find anything anywhere would be great 😀

  12. This is massive! This is the kind of video that wrist spinners like me dream of

  13. ah Rob this is immense mate,cheers. The guys over at BigCricket spin forum are going to go nuts for this! noticed you popped up on there last week, if you have any more leg spin gold we’re crying out for it over there…

  14. You’ve surpassed yourself here Rob – superb video of a true champion player.

    Still gutted about the way Hicky got out though!

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