7 Replies to “Bell talks about the run out and being reinstated by India”

  1. They were right to ask the captain if he wants to uphold his appeal for dismissal. Everything was managed extremely well in the end, by both players and umpires. They got Bell out some 20 runs later anyway, so the decision wasnt damaging in the end at all…it’s not like we needed his runs with Bresnan, Broad, Prior and Swann to come, so I think Dhoni can hold his head up high. He might have lost the test match, but he certainly won a lot of credibility in the eyes of the English.

  2. true sportsmanship involved here, and it’s made me respect cricket so much more. I can’t picture something like this happening in most other sports. especially not when the two teams are playing for the #1 spot in the world rankings.

  3. very, very true, but the umpire should never have given it out. Also, great team to support mate 🙂

  4. Massive credit to Dhoni, there will have been a few in the dressing room telling him not to let Bell back….. *cough* Harbhajan

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