Brian Lara has failed to entertain in the two All Stars

Brian Lara has failed to entertain in the two All Stars games that he has played so far.

He has gotten out cheaply both times and that against the spinners.

Those people who followed Lara’s international career would know how good a player of spin he was. He had the capability to pummel even the best of spinners on the turning tracks.

But, playing in USA, he doesn’t seem to still have got that in him.

He showed a slight glimpse in the second game though when he danced down the track to a nicely lopped delivery and whacked it straight down the ground for a one bounce four, but, soon after that, he was taken down as Andrew Symonds, the former Aussie part time spinner, beat him in the air and got one past him to knock him over at a score of 19.

It was a shot which was bread and butter for Lara when he was on his roll, the loft over the spinner’s head. He was such an expert at that, but, not anymore. Even somebody like Andrew Symonds was good enough to outfox him.

In the first All-Stars game too which was played in New York, Lara had been dismissed on a shot which he would never fault at during his playing days, that is the sweep shot.

But, he misjudged the length of a Shane Warne delivery which was a bit too full to sweep and was trapped in front of the centre pole to enable the umpire to put his finger up without wasting too much of time.

The die-hard fans of Lara would be hoping that the king of Trinidad gets in his own in the last game in LA and plays a big knock.