7 Replies to “cricket happenings Dhoni shows spirit of cricket in 2nd test”

  1. good judgment. India put up a dismal show of batsmanship & besides, the short stuff bresnan was too hot to handle.


  2. dhoni truly is a great sportsman. since, you love cricket, I would like to tell you that my show is free subscription.
    so,go for it.

  3. I thought Dhoni and the Indian team were brilliant for doing this – what great sportsmen – a real example to everyone. I love cricket!!

  4. good point made, but mate, cricket is a gentlemans game & dhoni preserved the spirit of cricket & ICC should honour him & India with the spirit of cricket award for 2011, when the ICC annual event takes place.

  5. dhoni may be a hero, but if england were in his position they would not have been so kind. According to rules of cricket, bell was rightly given out by the umpire. this kind gesture can cost india the no1 ranking in tests, if they go down 2-0.

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