25 Replies to “Cricket Highlights day2 South Africa Vs Australia”

  1. youtube.com/watch?v=AYbqKnBvVgU <-- watch this video if you wanna see fanatastic clips of cricket...

  2. @shaesham hey shaesham, the answer to your question is yes and no at the same time. If the ball is believed to have gone on and hit the wickets, then yes, you are out. This applies only when the bat did not hit the ball at all. If you hit it with the bat and it bounces onto your pads, then youre not out. However if the ball was considered not to be travelling towards to the wicket and it hits your leg, then your fine. Hope it helps

  3. Hi everyone, English gal here. I just want you to know how much I love and admire the Australian people. It’s not just because most Australians have British like me, it’s because you turned a fairly desolate island into one of the most modern and magnificent nations on earth and yet you’re not arrogant. The majority of people here in England really love you Aussies, regardless of what anyone says. Plus, you’re the best in the world at cricket, my favourite sport!

  4. That wasn’t really our fault if ICC couldn’t get us to play with top class teams

  5. @billybowden311 You guys have played bangladesh… we have played england, sri lanka, south africa and now india

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  7. Pakistan have won 5 out of 9 tests this year, thats 56% win rate, unlike australia playing 9 tests winning 3

  8. @pjn2001 Friend, tell me your opinion about second test.  I stand by my words that SA cheated Aussies by providing a substandard wicket in the first test.

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