25 Replies to “Dale Steyn vs Ian Bell – Deadly Inswinger”

  1. You don’t have to roll your fingers over the ball to bowl a cutter so they can still be very quick. You do so by the positioning of the seem as it hits the pitch. I think it was that it cut in a little of the pitch. Great delivery

  2. @vijayhitler offcutter @ 86mph ? pfft it was an inswinger (it moved in the air)

  3. LIKE if you think that the ball hitting the stumps at 1.09 sounds like a Gunshot !!

  4. It’s excellent the length of the video CricDilan007, ignore people who complain about it. If only more videos could be this clear and precise :)…

  5. All he did was reverse the shiny shide and bowl it with an outswinger action, with the seam ever so slightly angled to slip side, and because it didn’t swing at all it cut off the seam. Very good ball.

  6. How do you bowl these outswingers. I can bowl inswingers but could never swing the bowl or move it off the seam the other way. How????? Dale steyn is unbelievable for being able to move it both ways.

  7. no malice intended but everyone seems to have missed a very obvious point that the ball came in off the seam AFTER pitching….so it was more a seamer than anything else…just a hint of in swing certainly helped matters

  8. There was just a hint of inswing. If the ball had been an offcutter like many suggested, it would have been a lot more slower and would have moved inwards more rapidly, ie sort of zipped in, so to speak

  9. Excuse me?I know that to be a cutter the bowler has to well cut his fingers across…well I know to bowl both the cutters friend…It wasnt the usual cutter here…The pitch also helped

  10. Do u realise that steyn used the angle?do u realise that the ball NEVER moved in the Air?Pls get educated friend…The movement was of the pitch

  11.  whatever??? How old are you? 15.
    Despite myself and CricDilan trying to educate you, you wish remain ignorant. Fine it’s a cutter.

  12. to be a cutter he has to cut his fingers across or down one side of the ball, this isn’t a cutter. He’s simply changed the seam position and switched the shiny side of the ball.

  13. I must also add that a LOT of commentators mess up their terms. I am disappointed at times that they use inswinger, off-cutter and reverse swing interchangeably. Just as they do with leg cutter and outswinger.

  14. VijayHitler is right, friend. That was a cutter. Notice that he keeps the wrist cocked behind the ball and even the seam isn’t slanted. Bell would have picked it up had it been an inswinger. Notice that there is no curving of the ball in the air.

    The fact that he held it straight and then ran his fingers through, made it cut off the pitch. Those are very tough to play.

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