21 Replies to “Gilchrist & Hauritz On Flintoff”

  1. okay man, I didn’t realise you weren’t really being´╗┐ serious ­čśŤ I’ve just seen´╗┐ so many people having a go at the aussie cricket team recently, that’s all. and haha, the ashes should be good, both England and Australia seem to be in top form ­čÖé although you guys are No. 1 in the world atm, our new found form´╗┐ could rival that ­čśŤ

  2. stop being weak mate, I was only taking the piss. Which is´╗┐ what you boys seem to be doing to the Indians atm… Enjoy it while it lasts before we rake you in the ashes ­čśë

  3. It’s amazing that in a comment of compliment, you still feel the need to slip in a little implication that you’re trying to insult Australians. Let me remind you that your national team’s wicket keeper knocked off the bails with his glove and tried to claim that the batsman was bowled, little did he know´╗┐ it would be replayed on the big screen and he would be humiliated. We have nothing against the rest of the world, so why have anything against us. ´╗┐

  4. Whats´╗┐ need in that twatish comment. Yeah weve got the Ashes. Hes talking to a camera and your cowering behind a computer.

  5. you are up against our b team bowling attack and you still arnt smashing us! missing anderson,swann,bresnan and broad our four main bowlers!! our batsman actually spent time at the crease durring the ashes so are´╗┐ tied and have an eye on the WC

  6. lol @ all the english coming out of their shell about ashes finally, oh wait you guys cant win in the short´╗┐ game now 1 man team.

  7. Gilchrist’s got his thumb up Flintoff’s ass! ahaaaa! Ashes are our’s´╗┐ again! C’mon England!!!!!!!!

  8. Very good´╗┐ use of the snow. England played well today. I’d say this will be a really interesting series

  9. Haha, no worries mate, I can imagine the prem being hard to watch down under after a day in the pub.

    Cold beers all the way, Friday night is the first ashes party with the lads and we’ll have a couple of crates buried in the snow in the garden. Were initially going to have an ironic late night barbecue, but the snow is´╗┐ now a few inches thick. Good day for you yesterday, hopefully have something worth watching tomorrow night!

  10. Hear, hear. Sorry mate, I thought you were´╗┐ just trading blows so I thought be the typical cocky Aussie and stand-up for Aus, no need to though ­čÖé know the feeling, hard to watch the Premier League sober in Aus. Haha, sink a few hot beers on me, or try just them cold?

    Hear’s to a thrilling Ashes series ­čÖé

  11. I agree with you, it was just something to shut your foul-mouthed compatriot up. As I sit here, it’s snowing outside too so I agree with your other point too. But who cares what the weather’s like when you’ve got a game at the other side´╗┐ of the world to concentrate on!

    Friday night is our first proper drink while watching it, difficult not to pass out when it doesnt even start til 12:00 gmt! There’s a particular aspect of our respective cultures that we can both enjoy!

  12. As an Aussie, I have to admit I’ve got a horrible feeling England will win this Ashes. But really? Australia doesn’t pretty much belong to England, virtually all poms and Aussies alike will tell you that. Anyway we’ve been the better side for decades and will be again, all your coaches are Aussie/Zim/RSA

    But thanks for giving us all the good things about England like cricket, democracy, good food, literature and leaving behind the bad things like the´╗┐ Class system and the weather:)

  13. Gilchrist, one of the true gentlemen of the game.

    Such a shame what has happened in the last few months.´╗┐ The good name of the game is being dragged through the mud.

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