25 Replies to “Hugh Jackman Gets Hit in Groin By Shane Warne @ Cricket!”

  1. yes´╗┐ the 2nd most popular sport in the world is stupid. Good work dickhead.

  2. baseball is more like rounders actually the girls played rounders and the boys played cricket´╗┐

  3. He did not get hit in the balls….the ball hit him in the chest and he hit´╗┐ himself in the back with the bat

  4. more people watch this than basketball, american football and baseball dummy´╗┐

  5. so he sings, dances, acts, cooks, hosts, looks pretty yet macho, has a gr8 sense of humor, is gr8 wid media, very charitable,´╗┐ loves his wife, loves his kids, loves his fans, plays the piano, plays rugby, basket ball and now even CRICKET. did i miss anything?

  6. Hahaha, you’ve just made´╗┐ my day. I needed a good laugh and your comment hit the spot.

  7. Not surprisingly … one ball left :=) LMAO ! Aussies sure have a´╗┐ sense of humor !

  8. wasn’t a very´╗┐ good month for hugh jackman on tv haha after Oprah that happens lol

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