24 Replies to “Ian Bell run out controversy 31/07/2011 england v india test match”

  1. Well everyone talks about MS Dhoni’s sportsmanship regarding that runout incident with Ian Bell. How can they forget Imran Khan taking back LBW appeal and giving Srikkanth another chance.

  2. English crowd is the worst in the world. India let Ian Bell play again. I am proud to be an Indian. Guys dont forget to watch the Ryan Sidebottom and Grant Elliott run out incident. You guys will learn how cheap those english bastards are.

  3. Oh fuck, can anyone link me to a video of the incident. I don’t know what this guy is fucking talking about?

  4. Holy shit? Stop pretending that you are from England and go back to your fucking country and worship cows? Thanks!

  5. If you talk about swing, quality bowling see these 3 medium pace deliveries.


    IF you talk about talent , ‘Awe’ on the Ground! .then look at these hits


    Opposition worries even he is sitting in pavilion and when he comes out , The fielders gets nerved where he will hit, the bowler is scared where to bowl, , Wicket keeper becomes a an sky observer, captain’s And coach’s strategies become an epic fail.

    Bring them back!

  6. U motherfucking indian pretending to be English, n praising ur own fucking white washed loosing team!!!

  7. ahhahahaahhahah lame excuses for losing the series P 😀 if you were that good you would never have had apealed about it bro 😀 idiot indians when they thought that we’re gonna lose any ways they started showing that they are the team havbing great sportsman spirit 😀

  8. haha i smell karma! they gonna loose the series 4-0! Indians are flat track bullies!

  9. indian team is not a good Spirited team if they were they should have right away called the apeal of in the field it self but they carried on there apeal.. but when andrew strauss came with the coach to speak to M.S. Dhoni about the spirit of the game he had no choice but to call off the apeal simply because he wanted to get a good name at least for him self where the “SO CALLED TEST NUMBER 1 RANKING INDIAN TEAM” is being demolished by the England team Sri lanka after playing the ipl gave a gud

  10. the umpires did not help the situation – they hardly look as if they are about to make a judgement on a run out. if they had been on their game they should have given bell out immediately the bails were removed and then gone to the replay for confirmation that the game was still live. the umpires ‘non’ actions contributed to the belief of some players that the ball was dead. i believe the umpires incompetence cost india this wicket

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