25 Replies to “Ian Bell’s run out against India – Dhoni calls him back | India vs England 2nd Test 2011”

  1. 0:42 to 0:50 looked like a scene from a movie.. brilliantly captured by the´╗┐ cameraman..

  2. First off, ask yourself, is it worth it for India to win these test matches? I am assuming they are purposely playing lazy, because they have the world cup which by far will be the greatest victory´╗┐ in these four years. I dont even watch these minor matches, and theres many people like me who only wait for the major matches like world cup matches, so you tell me whats the point of India beating these series?

  3. …what war – it was a cricket match. Yep India beat Australia and went on to beat SriLanka in the final. Australia were never good enough to win and India where the best team in the competition. Their test side however is an absolute joke. They have had their arse handed to them by England and Australia at time´╗┐ when they were meant to be the no.1 and no.2 test side in the world. They will go home with heads hanging with shame.

  4. have you forgotten how India whipped Australia in the world cup match? Or were u blind? World Cup was the real match and India conquered that war, so now these petty test matches or ODIs do´╗┐ not make a big difference. So do not get so happy, remember, India owns the world cup for the next four years.

  5. these matches are not important so I guess that is why India is not putting effort into the play. The real deal was the world cup, which they conquered and which is the major and´╗┐ biggest acheivement in world cricket.

  6. Yeah but it was not 4, so it was foolish from the batsmen should have been out. How was that unfair?´╗┐

  7. … india’s the performance in test cricket has been a complete and utter joke. they worked hard to earn their no1 ranking and are now playing like they´╗┐ don’t even care. they have no spirit, no courage and no pride. in short they have become the laughing stock of world cricket. you have your head in the sand if you think otherwise.

  8. …India just had the´╗┐ ass handed to them by the Australian cricket team. Keep hanging your hat on the world cup as you are the laughing stock of world cricket. How the tide has turned.

  9. look at attapattu’s calling back of symonds in 2004,that was sportsmanship, this isnt, look how many times dhoni had to be asked, and the cunt´╗┐ still refused, then sachin grabs him by the balls and finally he gives on

  10. MS Dhoni has become the 1st cricketer in the world to be chosen for the AIPS Fair Play 2011 award´╗┐ for his exemplary action in recalling Ian Bell…!!! Dhoni superstar skipper for INDIA..

  11. Stealing players from SA ,Ireland etc. Coach and´╗┐ captain begs opposition to give their player another chance. Becoming No1 in test after playing 1000 years of cricket. Pathetic display in ODI’s (overseas) . Well , England are doing all right at the moment. LOL .

  12. Bell run out nahi tha bila´╗┐ wajha hi Lundustan ki GADHA team nay shor macha macha kar dimagh ki chatni banadi iss liye hi Nasir nay commentary may kaha tha INDIAN TEAM MAY GADHAY HAIN HAHAHAHA

  13. its not that great an example of dhoni’s sportsmanship.. dhoni was´╗┐ pretty much forced to make that decision as he shouldnt have taken off the bails or appealed in the first place. in the spirit of the game you dont run someone out when they are not attempting a run

  14. India had a great year winning world cup, but of course were humiliated in England, England have probably been best test team for last couple of years never thought we’d win in England, but than again didn’t think we’d be humiliated so badly. BCCI and IPL have a´╗┐ lot to answer for.
    Got a bit of retribution in India, but a lot of work needs to be done, as long as we keep the old boys out, we’ll continue to improve in all formats

  15. Dhoni you rock! Great spirit from him! Im Pakistani but´╗┐ I mean that was awesome, after that I was actually supporting India, keep up the great work India and Dhoni!!! We will get you guys back don’t worry…..;-)

  16. Well everyone talks about MS Dhoni’s sportsmanship regarding that runout incident with Ian Bell. How can they forget´╗┐ Imran Khan taking back LBW appeal and giving Srikkanth another chance.

  17. @karachiterabap i laughed when reading your´╗┐ stupid comment, and look who is talking, pakistan always lose every match to india so stfu

  18. Dhoni is an example for sportsmen around the world.
    He has so much of pressure (look at his grey hair) yet he doesnt give away his character. If I were to choose one person from the modern era to represent India to a world summit… it would be my captain MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI´╗┐

  19. well this joke won the world cup 2011. Keep crying´╗┐ out of jealousy kiddo.

  20. …you fall from grace as been so rapid – in the indian cricket team is nothing short of a joke. keep up the rim jobs´╗┐ and thinking that the indian team are awesome – whatever makes you feel better

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