24 Replies to ““It’s an easy game with the replay” – Adam Gilchrist”

  1. no no…. this was not intentional by sourav… all cricketers can understand that, that was piched marginally in front of him and he took his eyes off the ball, dats y he didn’t see that!!!!

  2. Dirty Indian cheat. That’s it I’m jumping all my taxis from now on they aren’t getting my money!!

  3. Don’t judge a nation with just a few guys. Not even 1% of Indians come to your country to live. India is diverse and I don’t think you understand anything about India.

  4. you can’t say majority! that would mean that i can say that majority of Australian are racists and cheaters…now decide for youself! beside cricket, India and australia don’t hace any rivilry, and majority of Indians doesn’t watch cricket, so how can majority of Indians hate australia! you can’t be one perspective like that, sir!

  5. Like I said, it’s not the indians as a whole, just the majority that I have met or seen abusing here on youtube. I’m sure there would be some nice ones and a lot of them would be fans. But there is plenty that don’t like us and you would be silly to deny that.

  6. i think that’s a very baised statement! Indians, like me, respect the australian team! and many australian cricketers touring India have mentional the respect they recieved from all the fans in India! i am sure if you look at the wohle image rather than just youtube, you’ll get a better idea!

  7. Indians hate you? might want to check that again! let’s not forget that all the great Australian players have played in the IPL and ask them about the hude fans that cheer for them, number 2, it’s the australian government that gives out Visas to Indian! they look for education and only get the ones that can help austrlia with their experiences! chears mate!

  8. I didn’t mean to say it like that. I have met some really nice Indians in my time. They are the minority in my experience.

  9. Man i stand with you abt the hatred some morons spread on youtube (I am an Indian) But wait not all of us are the same.

  10. If Indian’s hate us so bad, why do you clowns keep coming over to our country to live. I’ve met quite a few over my time and you are mostly a bunch of condescending pricks. All I see is you guys come on youtube and slander us for no apparent reason when it appears your players are just as capable cheaters as ours are.

    I won’t deny our players trying to take a decision for granted but to say your players have never done it is amazingly ignorant.

  11. Gilly cheat dont walk curry.. gunguly vest playa hole wold .. ozzy cheats.. cheating ump $ by chetn ozzys curry gunguly nisest plaa hole wold.. ozy cheats gilly dont walk he hit the cover off it wow clean catch vest catch in hole wold curry ozy cheats

  12. there is a clip next to this of Gilly showing his true colours which doesn’t make sense. Some Indians think using the “convict” thing offends people who are citizens of the pinacle of the first world, but c’mon, let them. Poor countries need to feel they have a moral high ground otherwise ………..well I can’t imagine what being seen as a third world peasant is really like. Can any Aussie?? I doubt it. But immigrants from india do.

  13. @11maverick2k he was supporting his Captain. Ricky pointing is the man in charge. his men must follow. it’s called discipline, maybe your mutha failed to teach you enough as a child.

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