13 Replies to “James Taylor behind the scenes at England cricket net session”

  1. He needs to move on…. its not gonna get any better to be away from cricket…find something to do mate

  2. feel very sad to see such a great talent had to given up his passion but bro we are with u inshah allah one day will see u on side

  3. hahaha Mohd amir and Wahab were ur home work for the "TEST" but shah came out of course

  4. Feel so sorry for James Taylor to be forced to give up his passion due to health conditions, he comes across as a very nice guy. Wish him well for his new career.

  5. Nice stuff from James Taylor in this! He makes a great sort of presenter for these sort of videos on this channel! I would like to see him as a sky sports cricket commentator in the future!

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