16 Replies to “Kevin Pietersen shares top teaching tips at Brylcreem masterclass at Lord’s”

  1. he just praised Pakistan! 😀 he’s not racist! 😀 definitely one of my
    favorites now.

  2. He is only there because he is getting paid by Brylcreem and it’s part of
    the contract…he wouldn’t give a toss otherwise…this bloke has turned
    his back on everyone at all clubs in his quest for money and fame….ask
    anyone..he is not liked…he is an ego maniac and would do anything
    including being a traitor for a quick buck…Kevin or KP as he stupidly
    asks people to refer to him as is nothing but a deserter and should not be
    representing England….

  3. He reminds me of the gay dance teacher from Summer Heights High in this

  4. I like D Statement “Hit D Ball, Watch D Ball, Bowl D Ball, Catch D Ball “.
    Also D ” Pkhaaaak” Sound.

  5. “just come back to me for messing around really” That what he said. lol

  6. Of course he isn’t going to badmouth them in an educational video about

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