24 Replies to “Michael Vaughan getting bowled…. lots.”

  1. You don’t have the sort of series Vaughan had against Aus in the early 2000s if you’re ‘overrated’. At his best he was pure class.

  2. I’m a “pom” and I really like this. No-one can seriously doubt that he was a stylish, first-class batsman. It just so happens that he got bowled a lot…*cough*

    Also, entirely agreed about Morgan’s shite batting. He’s second only to Luke Wright in my list of “biggest England selection mistakes of the past 10 years.”

  3. pathetic he keeps looking at the pitch.. just accept it was a good ball and you fucking missed it

  4. i didnt know who Vaughan was. i thought he was a tail ender. then i realized…

  5. I’m being deadly serious. That smug face of his who thought he was God when captain. The way he loved/still loves himself. The amount of times he got us in the crap with his batting & the amount of times he should of been dropped, but they never did because he was the captain, sad. He was even more overrated than Andy Flintoff. All his fans ever talk about is “The Ashes ’02/03”, is that all they’ve got to praise the man.

    I still thought he was a good captain, just a crap batsman!

  6. Michael Vaughan = One of, if not, the worst so-called “batsman” & certainly the most overrated ever!

  7. Funny how defensive you guys get. Vaughan is perhaps my favourite English cricketer, pretty funny how quickly you poms fly off the handle when someone says or does anything that might possibly be insulting to one of your cricketers. It’s almost like you have this subconscious little niggle telling you that maybe they aren’t quite as good as you thought they were. 😉

    Oh and Hughes’ technique > Morgan’s, neither can play fast bowling but at least Hughes can play spin

  8. phil hughes has the worst technique in international cricket. compile a video for him you might be able to help

  9. every time he gets out he looks at the pitch as if to say that stayed low.. idiot just played the wrong line every time only the first one kept low!

  10. its almost the same defensive problem michael clarke has. where he doesnt come fully forward

  11. well looking at all the dismisals. the reason why he was bowled is because he doesnt defend with a good stride forward. as a result his bat stretches far infront of his body opening up the gate and getting bowled

  12. he was a very good batsman though hardly few players (Lara, Anwar & him) played Mcgrath, Warne, Fleming, Gillespie so well.. when he became captain his avg went down from 51 to 44 or something

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