15 Replies to “Mike Hussey Exhausted”

  1. Whitey, don’t need another 3 genius! And mike hussey is one of the quickest runners between the wickets so it must be really tiring. Out there

  2. i rekon white got out coz he tried to play a little dab through slips to get 3 just to annoy hussey as a joke. 😀

  3. i think after huss said dont hit another is changed whites game plan and thats y he got bowled

  4. lol…i was watching that and i cracked up laughing…must have been hard facing around a 100 balls in 35 degree heat.

  5. They did amazing, 250 in a One Day Match is fuckin’ hard. Me and my grandmother were watching that game, let me tell ya, when Huss said that, we cracked up laughin’, he’s a funny bloke, but yeah, I wouldn’t want to be running a 3 in that heat either…

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