7 Replies to “My XI – Geoffrey Boycott: Derek Underwood – ‘On wet pitches, Deadly was his name’”

  1. Derek Underwood is one bowler who sadly is impossible to find on Youtube. Would love to see his 7/50 v Aus at the Oval in 1968. Great bowler.

  2. 1. J. Hobbs 2. S. Gavaskar 3. D. Bradman. 4. V. Richards 5. G. Pollock 6. G. Sobers 7. G. Evans (Wk) 8. W. Akram 9. S. Warne 10. C. Ambrose 11. G. McGrath

  3. I have left so many names like ambrose, sachin, lara, g.pollock. a..knott., hutton. haymonds. donnald, lillie its v difficult to select

  4. good team. tough leaving out Ambrose from this though. But I agree, given Akram’s batting ability and being a left armer and his use of the old ball.

  5. all time world XI?
    1. Hobbs 2. Gavaskar 3. Viv 4. Bradman 5. Sobers 6. Imran 7. Gilchrist 8. Akram 9. Warne 10. Marshall 11. Mcgrath

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