14 Replies to “New Zealand vs Australia 2nd T20 28 feb 2010 pt2/7 Highlights”

  1. too bad your IQ isn’t is good as your average. Then you might be able to learn how to write a proper sentence.

  2. Guptill should open 20 – 20 and ODI. maybe even tests again. hes gotten alot of experiance since his first days, avrageing in the mid-high 30s in ODI and Tests

  3. ‘nz ar girls’ go i play cricket and i am better then all the nz my avre is 267 n,o

  4. wow !!! 77/4 in 10 overs, absolutely amazing how Macullum guided then to 200+. I m not a big New Zealand fan but gotta admit that Macullum is the best T20 player out there.

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