18 Replies to “Rob Quiney vs Ed Cowan – abysmal fail 2006”

  1. Ed Cowan, you’re shit! Hopefully, we’ve now seen the last of you in the Test Team, you hack.

  2. Ed Cowan is FUCKING SHIT. Good lord I hate that guy opening for Australia, failed once more today, utter rubbish. Doesnt respect the game enough what the fuck was he thinking ambling up the pitch with his gloves off, dickhead.

  3. Never underestimate the influence of the Kat at the non striker’s. And Cam White, with the possible exception of Shane Watson, the one player most likely to chuck his career in mid over after getting a couple in the wrong spot. In this case, the spot being between Rob Quiney’s eyes.

  4. Bad miss, but with the score already 1/159 after 28 overs, I think Cameron White had bigger worries on the day.

  5. LOL Cameron White is one of the worst cricketers in the world. How the hell he gets a game I will never know. I’ve spun marbles off ice more than he spins the ball.

  6. If I had to choose a player who deserved to have a catch misjudged from his bowling, White would be up there.

  7. I’m more surprised with Cameron White’s epic century in this match. Care to upload some of his six’s from it Robe?

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