25 Replies to “SACHIN… King of Cricket..Top 5 SIXES..”

  1. Last two sixes were not from sjarjah stadium…looser uploader and sachin as well

  2. Before even watching the video, I knew that caddick’s six would be number 1… 😀

  3. pakis tell me one thing,,,,oh sorry tumhe english to ati ni hogi ..hindi me batao chalo urdu me hi bta do ki tumhare player batta ball kyun krate han ? hath ghumana nahi ata kya….fudduuuuu hahahaha

  4. pakistanion tatte kitne bade ho jaen rehte land k niche hi han….hahahaha salle chor pakis

  5. This list is not at all good. Other than the one against Caddick the others are not so good because most of them are short and bad line (including the one Akthar). There are so many other great sixes that Sachin has hit but this list is poor picking by the uploader.

  6. Why r u comparing bloody fuck fuck fuckridi who was born in fuckistan with GOD OF CRICKET …

  7. Sharjah cricket stadium is very small… i can bet any batsman can hit a six in that stadium…

  8. The fifth one is against dumb ass, so called “Rawalpindi express” in WC 2003 in South Africa…. and what is ‘gay pitch’?? I never heard of it, but you look to be experienced as far as the word ‘Gay’ is concerned. 

  9. This guy clearly explains why Sachin will not score a century in the next few months….

    explainstuff . com/2012/03/03/why-sachin-tendulkar-will-not-score-a-century-anytime-soon/

  10. Sachin is truly the king of cricket. He is a legendary batsman. He has conquered the bowlers all over the world.

  11. Dear all of them are out of the india
    first three are in Sharjah and remaining two are from South africa……mind you

  12. all in india.. dead gay pitches… 🙂 over-rated ancient mumified match losing batsman

  13. I am not surprised about Tendulkar’s too many runs because He was born in the cricket pitch witnness by Gavasker

  14. Open your big fat mouth when Afridi wins something besides a joke of a T20 WC, has 10000 runs in tests AND One days Intls and has 99 intl centuries.

  15. @Read2Rock Have you ever heard of Richards? He said that he had not seen DBM playing but, seen sachin playing and termed him as the best, no one can judge a batsman based on only the records made by him, okay?

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