25 Replies to “Second-Highest Twenty20 Total-part 1/3”

  1. he is the T20 captain now for AUS, so far he has won all the matches that he has´╗┐ captained ­čśÇ

  2. this is maybe´╗┐ the best quality full highlights video you will find on youtube, take your shit stirring elsewhere

  3. Somerset, destroyers of the shorter´╗┐ game, soon to win their first championship as well

  4. White should be in the test team, I just don’t understand the selectors going with younger batsmen instead of going with a man who has been captain of Victoria for most of his career, he can hit a ball hard but can´╗┐ also block one soft he is one of the best domestic cricketer’s in Australia but still cannot get selected for Australian Tests. I don’t understand it.

  5. If the quality wasn’t so shite I might have actually´╗┐ watched all of it, fucking cunt

  6. How were the scores and captuers. My god that is quite´╗┐ a good total in twenty overs and that is about 12.5 per over.

  7. lol what a silly comment… twenty20 is at the bottom.. test is still the most entertaining even if it is slow.. e.g soccer (although i hate it)´╗┐ is the most popular sport in the world and they score lyk 1 goal a game

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