25 Replies to “Second-Highest Twenty20 Total-part 2/3”

  1. For your infomation you stupid prick a B-grade is very good and is a pss mark so that makes our English commontators bloody good and even our cricket.

  2. How boring are Australian commontators they are like C – D graders and no wander they play bloody boring cricket with shit crowds like F – U graders.

  3. i remmember that day so well, thank you the sabers and i hope the new stands look as good as the look so far…:)

  4. Rather an appropriate screen name for someone like you who comes out with b******t like that. Try adding the word ‘dork’ as a second name; it will definately suit you.

  5. langer and white arte two aussies smashing the ball to the english supporters in the crowd!

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