24 Replies to “Shane Warne’s magic ball (Cricket)”

  1. would be useful if you guys gave me your opinion on my bowling


  2. I guess that was a flipper that turned alot and the pace of that ball increased when it reached the batsmen.

  3. Never see anything like that these days!  very sad to see that these clips will just be memories…

  4. @pchamakura – that wasnt strauss’s slow reflexes…it was just so brilliantly bowled , strauss had no idea that it was going to turn so much…

  5. It’s a great ball… no doubt about it… but that’s pathetic batting… He was very slow to react… even it the ball didn’t turn that much… he would have been LBW out for moving slowly…

    Poor reflexes!!!

  6. THIS IS THE FUCKIN BALL OF THE CENTURY!!! One of about fifty from warne

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