24 Replies to “Sledging The Opposition Then Getting Bowled Out… THAT’S A PADDLIN!”

  1. Healy is a better keeper than anything to come from the cheating, piss poor sub continent. plus we can backup our “sledging” with performance. you lot cannot.

  2. You’ve gotta be a really really good keeper to be that close to the stumps when Warne is bowling.

  3. fuckin big mouth healy..commentator and shit keeper..piss off fag..your hated

  4. love Healy’s facial expression.. He knows a shitstorm is comin from warne and doesn’t say anything. Healy was better when he didn’t talk

  5. Heals: “you do know that the next ball is going right through you… yep,, yep it is.. right through ya…yeah”

  6. that’s what you get for being an arrogant shit and having nothing to back it up.

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