8 Replies to “Steve Waugh handles the ball like a bar of soap – *Unique Catch* on the 5th attempt!!”

  1. It is the 2000-01 Tri-series in Australia. U must be nuts saying that its 1986, vs India, blah blah blah..

    enjoy the O O o o o oOOOOOO oF Tony Grieg..

  2. how dumb one can be you saying it was in 1986 which is not for sure then d dumbest thing from u “it was against India “lol in this particular video its west indies who are playing

  3. This was not in 1986. Look at the people who are playing. This would have been late 1990’s or early 2000’s

  4. This was in 1986 series against India. I had heard somebody narrating how amazing a catch was this. Never expected see a long time after the incident. Kudos to the uploader

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