22 Replies to “Super Mega Sixes”

  1. Indians/Paki’s ruining every cricket video as usual….This one is the
    Do some research before making your typical stupid biased comments lads.
    Afridi’s biggest recorded is 107m
    Or he hit one just out of the ground AT A TINY TINY GROUND (yous probably
    think it was 250m like the description says, but in reality it would have
    been 90-100m

  2. what is the song title of track on 3:00 minute with Abie Monkel batting,
    it’s sounds like “where did you disappear”…

  3. Afridi never hit such biggies. he may hit 100+ but not above that. u all
    guys tell that he hit 160 metre six and one fool uploaded afridi 230 metre
    six. sincerely, that needs a robot to do…

  4. It wasnt a officially recorded six. Its a common assumption that it would
    be 128 mts. Would certainly be around 120 mts. But it was never recorded.
    Many sixes bigger than that also might have been hit. But there is nothing
    to prove it!

  5. What’s the name of the song that is being played when aiden blizzard hits
    the six?? sounds really nice

  6. What were the songs when Yuvraj hit the six off Lee, when Gayle hit the six
    vs. NZ and when Gilchrist hit his six?

  7. Thanks, Track is ‘Schodt & Sundriver feat. Aida Fenhel – Here With Me
    (Schodt Vocal Mix)’

  8. Only recorded sixes. Im sure there would have been bigger, but they we can
    only assume, these are official sixes. Last couple of years since the
    technology came in.

  9. Gilchrist track is from ‘Jason Bradberry feat. Emily Haughton – Autumn (Tom
    Fall Morning After The End Mix)’

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