Sachin given award by Wisden India

There is absolutely no need of explaining the credibility of Sachin Tendulkar and another feather was added on his hat by felicitating him with Wisden India Outstanding achievement award. This award ceremony was organized in Dubai. The place where this award ceremony was organized was not too far from the stadium where he made the excellent pacer Shane Warne literally spellbound in the year 1998. The trophy was a crystal one with a highly stylish look and was of high prestige.

According the cricket maestro Sachin Tendulkar, he had a spent a memorable night of his life on that day as the ceremony was full of life with a plotted comedy, a trophy and of course which ended with dinner. He has received a number of trophies but this trophy was unparallel according to him. Sachin was honestly best part of the evening as it was made more wonderful by the questions asked by Alan Wilkins. Alan was a bowler from Glamorgan and no is a well known face in the Star Sports- ESPN in the Asian branch. His tricky questions were beautifully handled by master blaster who answered all the questions with a sixer.

This celebration includes a total of six dinners one of which was on this day and five will be celebrated later in the span of three years. This will help both the master cricketer and his fans to interact with each other. Sachin Tendulkar came closer to the fans as he answered questions based on his successful life. He talked, he smiled, he answered and he made the evening a memorable one to everyone who witnessed it.  The master blaster with 49 ODI 100s and 51 Test 100s showed his skill in this award ceremony with a usual attitude.