23 Replies to “Worst Ball Faced by Sachin Tendulkar”

  1. India is the Real World Champions. Many other teams was there. Why they dont become the last team. If we are in the centre of the croud, no other ways. Play more than the opposit team, Otherwise you will fail. I PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN …

  2. I will be pleased if hes not porkistani coz most of em living in the States are pretending to be indians 😀 serious issues u got there!

  3. @MrDragoonlair: Indian team sucks and this coming from an Indian hindu. I am not kidding or this ain’t reverse psychology. the team is over hyped.

  4. who said that the indian team is perfect….and match fixing doesnt really happen in world cups -.-…and there are still some great bowlers in the indian team the thing is that the bowling is getting weaker and weaker….and india didnt win the world cup with help of politics they played with honour!!

  5. It was an absolute shocker, but lets be reasonable, the bloke has faced about 30000 balls in Test cricket, there must have been worse.

  6. u have to like india cause your team and country are so god damn corrupt lol.

  7. a ball that was bowled…..
    sachin just saw the ball…
    and in a flash of a second it went otta the pitch..
    what a boundry by cameron white!

  8. It should be the worst ball ever in the history of cricket. Horrible ………..

  9. he meant dat :p it was a trick so that tendulkar thinks he is shite haha but camerons plan doesnt  execute properly cuz hez actually shit.. gud batsmen though :p

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